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About VOR

VOR is a non-conference. A platform that creates a unique experience through dialogue, discussion, case studies, displays, gadgets, polls, and interventions.


Intersections Between Creativity and Technology.

CENTRO invites you to be part of the forthcoming edition of VOR, Superintelligence. Intersections Between Creativity and Technology: for some the passage to a world of endless opportunities for others an imminent threat to humanity.
No matter which side you are on, in the following years synthetic intelligences will redefine the way we learn, communicate, work and live.

Our speakers

At VOR we will have conversations with storytelling in Virtual Reality, intelligent science, autonomous cars, disruptive education, algorithmical finances, emerging materials, and cyber security. All are part of the new language and learning processes and of the interaction between the limits of human creation and artificial intelligence.

Venue: Centro de diseño, cine y televisión

Designed by renowned architect Enrique Norten, the campus was built according to the standards of LEED Platinum certification and harbours one the most complete and innovating installations for creative education.
The campus covers an area of 5,600 square meters and 26,000 square meters of construction as well as 2,500 squares meters of green areas. The building includes a multifunctional 450-seat auditorium with state of the art technology in acoustics and lighting.

CENTRO Auditorium, Constituyentes Av.455, Mexico City 11820
Tel: (+52) 55 5201 8872

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Past editions

“What happened on this stage today, was basically Best in Class Thinking of a global conversation. It happens to be taking place right now in Mexico City and simultaneously all over the world.”

Alan Webber acerca de VOR 2014

Fundador de la revista Fast Company y fue editor del Harvard Business Review; es autor de los libros Life Reimagined y Rules of Thumb. Ha publicado en The New York Times, The Washington Post y The Wall Street Journal.

“VOR is an unusual format that creates the space for a very much needed conversation about what’s possible and ways to address and tackle that question.”

Rodrigo Canales acerca de VOR 2014

Profesor asociado de comportamiento organizacional en Yale School of Management. Es parte del Comité Directivo del Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values en MIT.

"The current problematics in education define tomorrow's development. VOR confronts us with the changing paradigms and re designing the way we address problems in order to find solutions".

Jennifer Groff acerca de VOR 2014

Experta en ciencias de la educación e innovación digital en MIT Media Lab; cofundadora del Center for Curriculum Redesign y CEO de Sterling Education Design.
Máster en Ciencias del aprendizaje en Harvard Graduate School of Education y uno en Tecnología educativa en University of Delaware.

“VOR is a very exciting format. It’s innovative as a conference. One of the most wonderful things that I experienced at VOR is the way how the audience is integrated.

Nik Hafermaas acerca de VOR 2014

Director de TransMedia Design, Art Center College of Design y Fundador de Ueberall

VOR background

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CENTRO is an institution for higher education in design, communication, film, architecture and new media, located in Mexico City. Our main goal is to catalyse the energy of raw talent into the force of professional creativity. As the name suggests, CENTRO, embraces the intersection of different fields such as creativity, business, technology and science. The school fosters a careful balance between thought, practice and action, reflected in its interdisciplinary and dynamic programs with an entrepreneurial, social and sustainable focus.

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Endeavor Mexico is a leading global platform that aims to trigger economic growth. We choose and promote top quality impact start ups in Mexico and worldwide, focusing in supporting entrepreneurs through different strategies and consulting services in order to break down barriers in business success, and set an example so to encourage others to innovate, take risks, and foster sustainable economic growth.

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México en Movimiento is a group of young leaders and entrepreneurs from various sectors of Mexico who share the same concern: to generate an active social participation in the economic growth of Mexico, developing and implementing actions that consolidate wider opportunities in a short term in our country.

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